Working hand in glove

by Jan 27, 2019News, Teaching

This morning at our all age service we’re talking about God’s immeasurable power. The title of our lesson today was “Working glove in hand”, so no surprises that we were greeted with the sight of many gloves laid out on a table at the front of the church. The reading was taken from

Malcolm Martin of Brockley Baptist Church, in his teaching, gave visual demonstrations of the terms “immeasurable” and “power” with some measuring tape and torch lights. The kids were involved in comparing the size of the batteries and the power they emit. Malcolm asked Chris and I to measure the length of the church with the measuring tape.The tape was too short, showing the immeasurable power of God. There were even high vis jackets just so we looked the part.

Malcolm created an activity to explain the meaning of God’s power in us. The children sat around a table demanding food and members of the church had to put on a glove to get an item of food from the back of the church to the children’s table. He explained that our hand in the glove represents the power of God in us.

It was great fun interacting with all the church members young and old. Here’s looking forward to the next all-age service! 

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