Things for the kids to do this Pentecost

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained this Pentecost? Here are some ideas and links to help you
As you may know, it’s Pentecost Sunday coming up, so I’ve pulled together a few resources that you can share with the J Team kids in your household if it’s of interest.
If you’re anything like me, life hasn’t got much slower since lockdown, so these are just some suggestions if you or they have the time over the next few days.
There are a couple of links to short youtube animations, and a link to some craft ideas.

The Pentecost Story – ANIMATIONS

This one is great for all ages – really simple and interesting.
The God’s Story channel had a whole series of short Bible story animations – great for using in the coming weeks.

This one is good but involves some reading.



This link has a range of Pentecost craft activities, many that don’t need too many resources!

Colouring sheets

Google ‘Pentecost colouring sheets’ – there are loads to choose from
General downloadable Childrens work resources
This is a good website that has lots of bible stories and resources relating to them, quizzes, wordsearches etc.
Lots of content and ideas from Scripture Union:


These guys wrote ‘Big family of God’, one of the songs we often use in services
Kid’s blessing
Overall the internet is a great resource for all sorts of material and ideas – from crafts, Bible stories, videos. It’s worth exploring if you have time!

Share what they’ve done!

If the kids in your household get creative – we’d love to see what they produce! Take a picture, do a short video, and we can share it as part of our morning service broadcast.

Share what you’ve found

If you’re already got some go-to places online for ideas, songs, content, let us know – thanks!

Harvest Thanksgiving

Listen to our Harvest Thanksgiving service led by Judith. Discover the work two organisations we support are doing to alleviate poverty and protect asylum seekers.

Church Still Under Pressure – Be Ready

The third instalment of the series focusses on the third chapter of the second letter to the Thessalonians calling on Christians to work hard, pray and trust in the Lord

Here I Am. I Have Come

Revd Carol Bostridge preaches on Psalm 40, drawing parallels with the difficulties facing the church today and King David’s.

Church Under Pressure – The Ultimate To-Do List

In the last instalment of the Church Under Pressure series, we take a look at Paul’s to-do list to the Thessalonians and examine how we can make it ours.

Church Under Pressure – Return of The King

In the fourth part of our Church Under Pressure series, we look at what will happen when Christ comes again.

Church under pressure – Destination – Pleasing to God

In this third part of our Church Under Pressure Series, Paul writes to the church exhorting them to live in purity and choose right from wrong. This meant that we would be pleasing to God and He would be able to mould us as He saw fit to do His work.

Church Under Pressure – The Best Kind of Prayer

How should we pray and what can we learn from Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonika? In the second part of our Church Under Pressure series, Pastor Steve’s message is about how we should pray and what we should pray for above all things.

Church Under Pressure – Grace and Integrity

The first in our series of sermons about the early church. In this message we learn about the grace we have received and the importance of integrity, being the messenger.

Podcast – 2020 Vision – Halfway

2020 hasn’t quite turned out the way we thought it would at the beginning of the year. Pastor Steve looks back at our first Sunday Service of 2020 and examines just how much has changed since then. Has our mission changed?

The Father You’ve Been Looking For

This Father’s Day, Steve talks about the good Father who looks out for our every need but doesn’t always give us what we want.

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