Reopening the church – have your say

by | Jul 25, 2020

Following our recent statement about church reopening, I would now like to further update you on developments.

The leadership team has been working on assessing what will be necessary in order to implement full compliance with government regulations in order for us to reopen as safely as possible. As we continue to work on this, even though we have not yet set a definite date for a return, we would now welcome your thoughts.

What is clear is that the landscape will look quite different from how things were when we last gathered as church on Sunday 15th March.


  • Your temperature will be checked.
  • You will be asked about any symptoms you may have.
  • Your attendance will be registered – your name and contact details
  • You will be directed to wash and sanitize your hands

(NB. Even if you have no temperature but are feeling unwell, you will be asked to go home. Numbers will be restricted, for the purposes of maintaining safe social distancing, and if the maximum number has been reached, you will regrettably not be allowed to enter. For this reason, it may be necessary to implement a booking system).

The Service

  • The church will be set up for social distancing and people from different households must sit apart
  • The service is likely to be shorter than usual, probably not more than an hour in length
  • Although recorded music will be played, there will be no congregational singing or open prayer. You will be discouraged from shouting out or speaking in a loud voice

(NB. Seating will be on the grey plastic chairs from the hall, rather than the purple fabric chairs we normally have in the worship area.

At least to begin with, children and young people will remain with their family throughout the service. A crèche will be open, but crèche children will need to only play with toys brought from home and will need to be supervised/looked after by someone from their own family.


  • No refreshments will be served
  • No offering will have been taken during the service, but can be placed in a basket at the door on leaving
  • You will be encouraged not to mingle

Other things to note

  • The building will be operated on a one-way system for entry and departure, and there will be clear signage and notices about precautions throughout  
  • If you need to go to the toilet, you will be responsible for wiping down surfaces you have touched after you’ve used the facilities, and you will be directed about this. If the toilet is already occupied, you will need to queue in a socially distanced way and this will be indicated by floor markings
  • You won’t be allowed to shake hands with, kiss, or hug others that are not from your family.

There is a short survey below, which we’d be grateful if you could complete by 8th August 2020   

Please note that in the event of a return to Sunday gatherings, we will still seek to provide an online livestream service and recordings on CD’s. Meanwhile, we remain extremely grateful to Clement Oke for all his time and hard work in providing a high quality of Sunday service online during this time of lockdown.

I pray that everyone may continue to experience God’s grace, peace and presence.

With every blessing,

Steve (and CPBC leadership team)

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