Month of Prayer at CPBC

January 2020

January will be the month of prayer for Crofton Park Baptist Church. Find out more about the events happening during the month.

December 29, 2019

Our Month of Prayer

1st January, will mark the beginning of a month of prayer for Crofton Park Baptist Church. Why not find a prayer partner or prayer triplet to arrange to meet together with during the month? Prayer cards, with prayer points for each day of the week, are now available.

Week of Prayer

Within the month of prayer, there will be a more focused week of prayer from Saturday 18th to Friday 24th January.  During this time, there will be three opportunities for those who are able to gather together for an hour of prayer at the church. This will be at the following times:

  • Saturday (18th) 10am
  • Tuesday (21st) 2pm
  • Thursday (23rd) 8pm 
  • Friday (24th) 10am

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