Meeting our Maker

Ray Brown of Grace Church Brockley gave a sermon on Genesis. He spoke about how the here and now can be traced back to the first chapter in the bible.

He went through a list of verses throughout the bible that refer to the first twelve chapters in the bible. Ray suggested that if this chapter didn’t exist, the rest of the bible would be incomprehensible. Jesus referred to Genesis in his teachings throughout the Gospels. As a result, the story of creation should be taken as factual if we say we believe in Jesus and our salvation.

In the course of his teaching he asked how we can prove God exists. Proof may be hard to agree on but looking at the order in the universe and creation around us points to a creator.

Ray went on to say that the important message in the first chapter of the bible is that God exists, not about the creation.  So who created God? To ask this question would make no sense as God is eternal.

The take home from this lesson is that God is a god who exists.


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